The Elite Dangerous Geyser List and Mapping Project

About ExoPlanet

Welcome to a new resource designed to help explorers log, catalogue and search geyser and fumarole sites across the galaxy. The aim is to provide a more web friendly way to verify finds, attach media, include your own personal videos, images and experiences that other explorers might benefit from.

I came across this fantastic spreadsheet last week and while this was without doubt the best way to log these finds in a document, I felt the experience could be so much more if it could be opened up to the full range of media the web can offer. So I began by importing the CSV export of these finds, and built a website around this in such a way that it could be infinitely scalable using the latest .NET technologies and Umbraco.

This is the first version of the result, a basic view, sort and search feature...ability to log new finds but I have so many ideas of where this could go I really don't know where to start!

I plan to add a faceted search, a much more detailed allowing  search filters by geyser type etc. Ultimately I hope to be able to integrate a 'find nearest geyser’s search allowing cmdrs to enter their current system. I plan to soon add comments, Cmdr profiles where people might view a list of all finds by each cmdr with a profile page. But the primary focus will be on logging the finds, attaching media such as photographs showing visual approach and other useful things.